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Comprehensive Speech Therapy

Our speech and language pathologists from Mary Free Bed perform comprehensive speech, language, cognitive and swallowing evaluations to determine the extent of the patient’s disability and provide focused treatment techniques.


  • Diagnosis and treatment of neurologic/acquired brain injury disorders including stroke, hemorrhage, brain tumor and Parkinson’s disease
  • Swallow studies (videofloroscopy) – a video study of the various phases of swallowing. Diet and liquid consistency recommendations are made based on the evaluation.
  • Vocal cord analysis (videostroboscopy) – a video evaluation utilizing a special camera to visualize vocal cords. This evaluation gives important information about vocal cord problems and function.
  • Dysphagia evaluations and treatment
  • FEES (flexible endoscopic evaluation of the swallow)
  • Tongue thrust (myofunctional therapy) – use of exercises to increase muscle strength and control of the mouth and tongue by retraining the swallow pattern
  • Voice restoration and therapy – assessment and treatment of post-laryngectomy patients to enhance their communication, including assessments for a voice prosthesis or electrolarynx. We also provide therapy to patients with voice disorders to strengthen respiratory and laryngeal functioning and eliminate vocally abusive behaviors.


Phone: (616) 252-4461


UM Health-West Hospital
5900 Byron Center Ave. SW
Wyoming, MI 49519