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Believing in the power of medical science, University of Michigan Health-West participates in a wide range of research and clinical trials.

Since launching in 2009, our Clinical Research Department has supported outcomes research and clinical trials for multiple UM Health-West service lines, including cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, pulmonology, neuroradiology and oncology.

Institutional Review Board

A component of the Clinical Research Department, the UM Health-West Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversees human subjects research at UM Health-West.

For questions related to the IRB process, including submission, review and approval, contact the Clinical Research Department at 616.252.5020 or

Clinical Trial Development

Have an idea, wondering if it would be a quality improvement project or a research project. Here are some tools that would be of assistance in determining this. As always, you can research us at [email protected] or by phone at 616.252.5020

Research Training Requirements

Researchers planning to complete trials with human subjects must first complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

Conflict of Interesting Reporting

Annual disclosures are required from all individuals who are involved in human subjects research at UM Health-West. In addition to an annual disclosure, any new and/or updated financial interests must be disclosed.

Employee Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy