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Education & Events

University of Michigan Health-West provides education about healthy training and exercise habits, along with free injury clinics.

Injury Wise Clinics

These free clinics presented by UM Health-West Sports Medicine at Gazelle Sports provide 10 minutes of one-on-one consultation with a sports medicine expert to discuss torn muscles, sprained ankles or whatever is keeping you from moving your best.

The clinics meet every Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Gazelle Sports, 3830 28th St., Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Grand Rapids Marathon

Founded in 2004, the Grand Rapids Marathon is a race designed by runners, for runners. UM Health-West is proud to sponsor and provide medical support for this race on a 26.2-mile course that weaves through the city.

Watch for news on the race event page below.
Grand Rapids Marathon

Sports Medicine Articles & Education

Dr. Ed Kornoelje, a UM Health-West family medicine and sports medicine expert, writes about running and training.

On With the Shoe…

Ed Kornoelje DO Sports Medicine | University of Michigan Health-West In case you hadn’t guessed we are going to talk shoes, and in particular cushioning.  One of the benefits for me in going to the World Championships this past summer...

Running In Cold Weather – How to Keep the Momentum Going (Or Get Started in the First Place)

Ed Kornoelje, DO With all of the snow and so far this season (and more to come), what’s the best way to keep a good thing (training for SHE RUNS GR) going, or get started?  Cold weather has been around a long time—OK forever.  So, if...

To Stretch or Not to Stretch…

Ed Kornoelje, DOSports Medicine | University of Michigan Health-West Ever have deep discussions with friends while running?  I am sure many of you do—and so do I.  Sometimes my deeps discussion are life related, but sometimes running...

Get Moving Now (So You Can Keep Moving Later)

By Dr. Ed Kornoelje | Sports Medicine April 30, 2023. SHE RUNS Grand Rapids. Not exactly around corner—or is it? Mosthalf-marathon training programs are 10-14 weeks in length, some 16-18, and even afew that are 20 weeks. SHE RUNS is about 26 weeks...

Race Week Do’s and Don’ts

You have made it to the final week (or two) of training—great job!  What should you be doing and NOT doing as the race gets closer?  Here are a few thoughts from someone who has taken care of lots of runners.

Training Tips – She Runs Grand Rapids

Dr. Elizabeth Albright, Sports Medicine & Family Practice provider at University of Michigan Health-West, shares a few top tips to keep in mind while you’re training for She Runs.


I don’t know about you but I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I’m not opposed to them, and if they can help create a positive habit that’s super. However, fairly reliable stats suggest less than 20% (and perhaps fewer than 10%) of...