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Hospital Care that Follows You Home

When you’re ready to leave the hospital and return to the comforts of home, we’re ready to stay by your side. Our remote monitoring system provides around-the-clock support while you recover after hospitalization or as you manage chronic conditions.


The home monitoring system is an innovative option that can shorten hospital stays and even help prevent readmission. With video visits and easy-to-use equipment that tracks your vital signs, you stay connected around the clock to your care team. Studies show patients heal best in comfortable surroundings like their own home, close to family and loved ones. With access to the care and expertise of University of Michigan Health-West, there’s no place like home for healing and comfort.

How it Works

Patients approved for the program are provided an internet-connected tablet and Bluetooth-synched devices to check their temperature, blood pressure, oxygen levels and other vital signs. Patients take multiple readings a day and answer surveys about their wellbeing. The information is automatically entered for remote monitoring by a team of medical professionals back at UM Health-West. Patients have regular video visits with providers – which family members can join virtually – and can ask for help via the portal.

Who benefits?

Participants need to be cleared by their doctor. Examples include people recovering from respiratory illnesses or those who are managing chronic conditions such as heart disease

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