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The Advantage of Healthy Leadership

One of the best ways for organizations to invest in leadership is by making sure key staff members stay healthy. This is why West Michigan employers enroll their leaders in our Concierge Executive Health Program.

Efficient and Effective

Because this is a UM Health-West program, it is more than an annual checkup. It is an efficient, affordable and comprehensive service designed to meet the needs and schedules of busy professionals.

The initial visit can be accomplished in a few hours – sending patients on their way with renewed confidence in their goals for better health. Following the screening, we continue to work together to keep patients feeling and performing their best.

Leading companies in West Michigan invest in this program as a way to prevent high-cost or catastrophic illness, reduce medical absences and disability claims, and improve employee loyalty and productivity.

Our Experts

We understand the challenges facing executives – lots of stress, lots of travel, always connected, little sleep. Our team has established decades-long relationships with clients, building connections by getting to know every patient to help them find healthy balance in their lives.

A Typical Visit

The Concierge Executive Health Program starts with a comprehensive, head-to-toe health assessment, conducted in one place, in one visit and for one affordable annual fee. It includes screenings, tests, immunizations and vaccinations, all specifically tailored to each patient’s age, gender and health history.

Treatments & Capabilities

We work with patients beyond the comprehensive health assessment. Our team partners with patients to set and achieve goals for a happier, healthier life, including access to a registered nurse and same-day appointments for blood-pressure checks and more.

Find Out More

Take the first step. Complete this form and our Concierge Executive Health manager will contact you to go over program details, answer any questions – and even schedule a free tour.

Contact us: [email protected]