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Lung Cancer Screening Clinic

Lung cancer screening cannot prevent cancer – the best way to do that is to quit smoking. However, screening can help detect cancer sooner in some high-risk patients.

Making a decision

The Lung Cancer Screening Clinic at UM Health-West serves patients who meet specific criteria and when advised by their physician.

Studies have shown that screening patients at high risk for lung cancer with an annual low dose of computed tomography (CT) scan can decrease the risk of dying from lung cancer and overall mortality. The first step is to meet with a physician to discuss risks, benefits and outcomes of lung cancer screening.

Common risk factors

  • Age 55 – 77
  • Current smoker or quit in the last 15 years
  • Have smoked the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes daily for 30 years (30 pack years) or more
  • Patients should not have another reason to get a CT, including a recent history of cancer or symptoms suggestive of cancer (this may also require testing, but may be done differently)

Should you get screened?

The University of Michigan has developed an online tool to help patients assess whether lung cancer screening is appropriate for them.

Getting started

To start the process, speak with your primary care physician or complete the Lung Cancer Screening form below and submit to the nurse navigator at [email protected] or mail to the attention of Lung Cancer Screening Clinic at the Pulmonology Office.

For any questions, call the nurse navigator at 616.252.4203 or email [email protected].