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Nurse Externships

UM Health-West’s Student Nurse Extern Program offers practical, hands-on experience to nursing students, giving them the opportunity to learn the comprehensive role of a registered nurse while completing their education.

Student nurse externs work with a nurse preceptor, building confidence and developing clinical skills that are essential to effectively perform multiple procedures as a graduate nurse.

How Past Student Nurse Externs Describe their Experience:

  • “I went into the summer feeling like a student, and now I feel like a nurse.”
  • “UM Health-West provided the most up-to-date and highest technological environment to explore nursing options.”
  • “It is a huge step forward in becoming a nurse. A much more personalized clinical experience.”
  • “I’ve never been part of such a welcoming, encouraging and fun group of nurses and doctors!”
  • “This experience at UM Health-West was the best way for me to further my education between Junior and Senior year. I was able to learn hands-on from the best nurses and doctors. I was able to observe bed-side procedures in the ICU, interact with patients and their families and experience what it is really like to be a nurse while I was still a student.”
  • “Lots of good experience and extra learning you don’t get in clinical. More one-on-one and hands-on. A perfect stepping stone between school and real life nursing.”

Our Student Nurse Extern Program is a 12-week program taking place May to August. We start accepting applications for the Summer Program in December. You’ll find the online application by going to Careers, click on the “Open Positions” link on the right and keyword search “Student Nurse Extern.”

Student Nurse Extern applications for the Summer Program are due by the end of January.

Program Requirements

  • Within one year of graduation from a nationally-accredited nursing program. For the Summer program, RN students will have an expected graduation of Fall or Spring the following year.
  • Successful completion of a clinical rotation
  • Current Basic Life Support certification

Participating Departments

  • Assisted Breathing Center
  • Center for Restorative Care
  • Emergency
  • Family Childbirth Center
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Med-Surg/Pediatrics
  • Park East Outpatient Surgery Center
  • Progressive Care Unit
  • Surgery and SPR
  • Telemetry

Student Nurse Employment Opportunity after SNE Program


Requires a commitment to 24 hours per 6-week schedule.

Nurse Aide administers basic nursing care to patients under the direction of a registered nurse.


  • Currently enrolled in a nationally-accredited nursing program
  • Successful completion of a nursing fundamentals course and a first clinical rotation or CNA certification
  • Basic Life Support certification