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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a wellness program. How is this different?
Our program enhances existing wellness programs, providing comprehensive and preventative care executives wouldn’t typically receive.

What makes this a good investment?
Research has shown that U.S. employers lose billions of dollars annually due to employee health issues, such as chronic diseases (US Centers for Disease Control). The risk of loss is even higher for your most valuable team members. Detecting, managing and even preventing these issues will keep your executives healthier and your business stronger.

Who are some of your clients?
Many leading businesses in West Michigan recognize the value of the program. Some of the most well-known participants include Steelcase, SpartanNash, Gordon Food Service, Miller Canfield and Lumberman’s Inc.

My executives already have primary care doctors. Why would they need this program?
Our program does not replace an existing primary care doctor. We work with their existing physician and will share the results of the health assessment with them, with the executive’s permission.

What do executives receive, in addition to a health assessment?
Executives also receive a personal wellness coach, access to specialists when needed, easy scheduling that works around their work day, streamlined services and more.

Is this program only available for executives?
No! While this program was designed for executives, it is open to anyone who desires a more comprehensive and concierge-approach to their health care.

Are concierge programs expensive?
Our program is cost-effective and costs 60% less than other local and regional programs. Plus, you only pay for the executives who use the program.

Will insurance cover the cost?
Since we work with company and private contracts, we do not bill or collect from any health insurance plans or HMOs. Many insurance providers will reimburse for the program cost. Companies and private individuals will receive an invoice to share with their health plan for reimbursement.

How do I sign up?
Simply complete the online form to sign up and get started. We will contact you to go over any questions you have to and to schedule your appointment.