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Heart & Vascular Articles & Education

University of Michigan Health-West maintains a continually expanding library of health education articles around Heart & Vascular health and prevention.

Patient Education


Get A Leg Up On Better Vein Health

The patient loved doing yard work. But lately, a painful problem was taking all joy out of a favorite activity.

The Rise of Wearable Health Technology

We now live in an era where our heart rhythm, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and sleep patterns can all be tracked and monitored by something we wear. A simple press of a button or downloading of an app is all that’s necessary to get a...

Halting Holiday Hypertension

We are now well into the hectic holiday season. Our calendars are filled with parties, decorations are hung, shopping is in full swing and your patience may already be wearing thin.

Beating Heart Disease

“The best piece of advice I have to offer regarding reducing your risk for heart disease is to be proactive,” says Dr. Barbara Karenko. “Quit smoking. Exercise. Maintain a healthy weight. Get checkups regularly. And know your family history....

Heart Healthy Tips

Heart issues affect millions of Americans each year and account for one in four deaths. February is the month dedicated to raising awareness of heart-related issues, their causes and preventative steps to help avoid heart disease.