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Joint Replacement Program

Your orthopedic surgeon leads our team of specialty nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists to work toward your goal of pain relief and improving function.

Our experts provide knee and hip replacements, including anterior hip replacement surgery, which often results in a quicker recovery. We offer a unique approach to joint replacement by focusing on camaraderie and teamwork to promote healing and rehabilitation.

Important Joint Replacement Information

  • Joint replacement is an elective procedure. This surgery does require insurance preauthorization, which is obtained by the surgeon’s office.
  • Patients go home from the hospital on the same day of the surgery (late in the day) or stay overnight.
  • Patients should arrange for some assistance at home for the first few days after leaving the hospital.
  • The full recovery process following joint replacement surgery will last for several weeks to months. Your surgeon will guide you through your recovery process.
  • Knee replacement patients should expect extensive outpatient physical therapy appointments for 4-6 weeks at a location close to your home.

Program Features

  • Private patient rooms on a dedicated orthopedic care unit
  • Mandatory pre-admission education class prior to surgery
  • Dedicated and highly skilled core nursing and therapy staff
  • Atmosphere of wellness
    • Coach participation
    • Recovery focuses on functional outcomes to maximize your independence
  • Individualized physical and occupational therapy sessions and twice-daily group physical therapy sessions
  • Discharge planning services to ensure a smooth transition home or to a rehabilitation unit

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