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Safety by Design

The modern, award-winning design of University of Michigan Health-West has safety built in. Some of these features include:

To decrease the potential for infection/contamination

  • Hand washing sinks in every room, hand sanitizers throughout the facility.
  • Making all rooms private reduces contact with other patients and visitors.
  • Decontamination rooms allow for isolation of infectious patients.
  • Outpatient departments located nearest entrances, reducing unnecessary traffic through inpatient areas.

To provide overall improved safety

  • State-of-the-art access control system, fire alarm system, and infant security system, connected to central command center.

To reduce the potential for falls

  • Handrails in many hallways and other areas.
  • Heated sidewalks at main public entrances.
  • Floor patterning in patient rooms designed to minimize contrasts for visually impaired and elderly.

To promote standardization of care to all patients

  • Uniform room design for consistent placement of equipment.
  • Standardization of nurse call system throughout the hospital.

To promote safe patient handling

  • Over-the-bed lift devices in several rooms.
  • Use of tile instead of carpeting to reduce push/pull effort when transporting patients.

To decrease time in responding to patient needs

  • Use of Vocera communication devices.

To promote the health and well-being of patients, staff, visitors, others

  • Non-smoking campus.
  • Increased indoor air quality through low-emitting materials and increased ventilation rates.
  • Family/visitor accommodations encourage the presence of a patient advocate.