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Visiting the Sleep Lab

The nationally accredited UM Health-West Sleep Lab uses cutting-edge monitoring equipment to help you improve your sleep. The team of experts there provides consultations and sleep studies, with thorough follow-up to ensure treatment success.

About sleep studies

Sleep studies are available Sunday through Friday for night testing. Daytime and in-home testing are also available upon request.

Rooms are hotel-style, with private bathroom and shower. You’ll need to follow preparation instructions, which include no alcohol, caffeine or naps for 12 hours before your study.

A technician will apply electrodes on your body for monitoring your sleep, stoppages of breath, shallow breathing and more. If your doctor determines you will need treatment during the test, you may be offered an option called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), which uses a mask to support your airway.

Your test results will be analyzed by a board-certified physician, and you will learn the next steps to maintain healthy sleep.