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Your Baby’s Birth

Whenever the big moment arrives, our team of caring experts will be ready for you.

At UM Health-West, all triage, childbirth, c-section suites, postpartum, and nursery services are conveniently located on the same floor in the Childbirth Center. Our nursing staff are cross-trained to offer care for these services and often will follow a patient throughout her care in the Childbirth Center.

UM Health-West provides many resources to assist with progressive, manageable labor, including:

  • Birthing ball: An exercise ball that can be sat on or leaned on
  • Peanut ball: Similar to an exercise ball but shaped like a peanut, to be used while sitting or lying in bed, to encourage labor progress
  • Squat bar: Included with every labor bed, for use by patients with or without an epidural
  • Floor mat: A soft, thick mat that can be used for laboring on the floor, primarily on hands and knees
  • Shower with seat and removable shower head: Provides hydrotherapy to help manage the pains of labor
  • Wireless fetal monitors: Used to observe baby’s heart rate and mother’s contractions. Wireless connectivity allows mom the freedom to move around the room, change position freely, and even use the shower.

Doulas are welcome as a member of a patient’s support team and allowed as one of the four visitors or supporters permitted in a patient’s room during labor. However, doulas are not offered nor provided by the hospital.

Midwives do not have practicing privileges at the hospital and are not offered by UM Health-West at this time.