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Billing Information & Financial Assistance

We encourage you to see a doctor when you’re sick and for routine check-ups. One of the greatest ways to control health care costs and avoid serious illness is through regular, preventive visits with your physician.


Your bill is a summary of the services and supplies received while in the hospital. It may include tests, room costs, emergency center visits, observation and clinic visits. Other charges might include lab tests and specialists involved in your care. Your personal physician, surgeon and other health care providers who participated in your treatment may bill you separately.

As a patient, you are responsible for knowing what your insurance plan will and will not cover and what providers you may use; getting prior authorization for service if required by your insurance company; filing any necessary claims forms; paying deductibles and/or co-payments; and paying for any non-covered charges.

UM Health-West Hospital allows insurance companies 30 days to pay bills. If your insurance company fails to pay your bills in a timely manner, the balance is your responsibility. For your convenience, we offer payment options to fit your financial situation.

You can also review and pay your bill online at any time. It’s fast, easy, secure and available 24/7. 

  • Visit, click on Patients & Visitors at the top of the page and select Access Bill Pay.” 
  • If you are enrolled in MyChart, simply log into your account on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and select “Billing.” (You can learn more about MyChart here.)

Our Customer Service Department can help you with any questions you may have about your bills. Please call us at (616) 252-7110 or (800) 968-0051, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

UM Health-West Care

UM Health-West Care offers a way to help you weather the economy without neglecting your health. It has three key components:

  • A Community Benefit Discount for those with no coverage. This program will start with a 40% discount when you visit a UM Health-West doctor’s office. The discount also applies to most services provided by UM Health-West Hospital. Find a UM Health-West doctor near you here.
  • A Care Payment plan that offers an interest-free payment option with low minimum monthly payments for anyone who needs extra time to pay their hospital or physician bills. Learn more.
  • FREE Live Healthy seminars and events to help you detect problems early and learn about good health habits. See what’s available here.

Financial Assistance Program

Basic medically necessary hospital services may be available at no charge if you are eligible under UM Health-West Hospital’s Financial Assistance Program. This program uses federal poverty guidelines to determine eligibility. Partial financial assistance is also available for those who qualify. Please contact the Customer Service Department at 616.252.7110 or 1.800.968.0051 with questions regarding our Financial Assistance Program. You can also find financial assistance information here.