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Treatments & Capabilities

Our laboratory is staffed by a wide range of experts trained to provide the tests you and your doctor need. These include:

  • Phlebotomists, who put patients at ease while they collect samples from patients and ensure their proper labelling.
  • Blood bank experts, who determine blood types and compatibility. This is especially important during pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Chemistry technicians who evaluate specimens, determine appropriateness for specific tests and maintain and calibrate equipment.
  • Hematology experts who analyze the health of blood, including checking for anemia, infection, leukemia or bleeding. This team also conducts urinalysis and coagulation tests.
  • Microbiology department, which identifies microorganisms and helps determine how to treat infections. This team also conducts rapid testing for common pathogens such as influenza and strep throat.
  • Molecular diagnostics, part of a rapidly growing field that includes genetic testing for inherited forms of cancer as well as diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Cytotechnologists, who analyze cellular samples, examining hundreds or thousands of cells for changes that could signal disease, such as cancer.
  • Histologists, who study tissue samples to support diagnosis of conditions.
  • Pathologists, physicians who examine tissues to determine if disease is present and who can assist surgeons with immediate diagnoses on biopsies.