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Cancer Care

Deb Wieringa, Melanoma Survivor

There was a pit in her stomach and a lump in her throat as Deb Wieringa prepared to tell her family the news, and it wasn’t good. She watched as the faces of her loved ones filled with fear and sadness. She was facing a ferocious disease and the strong possibility it might take her Read More

Dave Williams, Lung Cancer Survivor

Going to my first chemotherapy infusion, I felt like a ball of nerves. The shock of being diagnosed with lung cancer was still fresh in my mind, and I didn’t feel ready to start this terrifying journey. But I had my wife by my side, and an army of friends and family praying for me, Read More

Walt Grzybowski, Skin Cancer Survivor

When Walt Grzybowski lost a fingernail on his right hand in 2017, he assumed it would heal on its own. When it did not, he discovered he had skin cancer. Despite the challenges presented by his diagnosis, Walt was determined to stay strong and beat his cancer. Dr. Laurence McCahill contacted Walt shortly after his Read More

Medical Oncology

The Medical Oncology team is one of many groups of providers that will be a part of a patient’s cancer care. Medical Oncologists work collaboratively with other cancer providers such as Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, etc. Together the team ensures that a comprehensive treatment plan is developed. More specifically, Medical Oncologists are the ones who Read More

Our Partners

We know it’s difficult to navigate cancer alone. That’s why we partner with organizations throughout west Michigan. When resources come together, the result is improved awareness, treatments and survivorship. Accreditations & Quality

Oncology Dietitian Services

Good nutrition is essential to fighting cancer and to the success of your treatment. Your treatment and illness can change the way you eat and often change the way your body handles certain foods and uses nutrients. A meeting with an Oncology Dietitian includes: Development of food strategies to support patients during their treatments Assistance Read More

Oncology Social Work

Oncology social workers specialize in helping patients and their families manage the struggles brought on by cancer, including social, emotional, and financial concerns. Each patient has individual needs and our social workers are committed and trained to assist in a variety of areas. Our social workers can link you to community resources, aid you with Read More

Nurse Navigation

Our nurse navigators provide individualized assistance to patients, families and caregivers to help overcome healthcare system obstacles and expedite access to quality care. Our navigators work closely with physicians in all specialty areas to coordinate your plan of care, and communicate with all members of the care team on your behalf. The goal is to Read More

Patient Education

Navigating cancer care can be a daunting challenge. Our goal at UM Health-West Cancer Center is to equip every patient with the knowledge and resources they need to understand their diagnosis and treatment plan. Download our Patient Education Binder for information on everything from where to park and common treatment side effects to nutrition tips Read More

Surgical Oncology

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, know that you’re in good hands at the UM Health-West Cancer Center. Our surgical oncology team provides the highest level of care in diagnosis, treatment and management of cancer. Our experienced surgical teams specialize in cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, skin and breast. They will guide you Read More