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Sports Medicine

Six for Six

Ed Kornoelje, DO Sports Medicine | University of Michigan Health-West We are about six weeks out from the SHE RUNS race weekend.  Here are six things to keep in mind in the final weeks of training:

Simply Embrace

Ed Kornoelje, DO Sports Medicine | University of Michigan Health-West March 8 is International Women’s Day.  Some of you may wonder what qualifications I might have to write about this day, but as a husband to Amy, father to Sadie, and physician to countless patients of all identities, I hope I have learned something along Read More

On With the Shoe…

Ed Kornoelje DO Sports Medicine | University of Michigan Health-West In case you hadn’t guessed we are going to talk shoes, and in particular cushioning.  One of the benefits for me in going to the World Championships this past summer (remember when we were too hot at times, and the yellow ball showed up in Read More

To Stretch or Not to Stretch…

Ed Kornoelje, DOSports Medicine | University of Michigan Health-West Ever have deep discussions with friends while running?  I am sure many of you do—and so do I.  Sometimes my deeps discussion are life related, but sometimes running related.  One that I get involved with frequently has to do with stretching—should we or should we not, Read More

Get Moving Now (So You Can Keep Moving Later)

By Dr. Ed Kornoelje | Sports Medicine April 30, 2023. SHE RUNS Grand Rapids. Not exactly around corner—or is it? Mosthalf-marathon training programs are 10-14 weeks in length, some 16-18, and even afew that are 20 weeks. SHE RUNS is about 26 weeks away—“So what am I supposedto be doing now?” you may be asking.Move. Read More

Race Week Do’s and Don’ts

You have made it to the final week (or two) of training—great job!  What should you be doing and NOT doing as the race gets closer?  Here are a few thoughts from someone who has taken care of lots of runners.