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Sharon, Cardiovascular Rehab Patient

Posted in: Patient Stories

With a family history of heart issues, Sharon has had her fair share of heart related episodes, landing her in cardiovascular rehab twice. Her latest stint in rehab was at Metro Health’s new Cardiovascular Rehabilitation facility.

But she found a friendly and inviting atmosphere. “At Metro, the atmosphere is more fun, the setting is a lot nicer and I like the setup of an hour for exercise and a half hour for class.”

The friendliness and knowledge of the staff put her at ease, too. Sharon states, “The staff is great. I love the staff. They’re there to answer any questions, they ask you how you’re doing and they press you if you’re having issues. They encouraged me.”

“I was a little nervous because I didn’t exactly know what was going to happen with my heart. After you have a heart episode, it’s always scary to get back into an exercise program,” Sharon says of anticipating her time at the Metro Health facility.

Each class Sharon attends is filled with people who have experienced similar heart issues. Sharon talks about the atmosphere of each class and the people she attends these classes with passion. “We’re pulling for each other. There’s camaraderie with the other patients there. It’s a happy atmosphere and it’s a welcoming atmosphere to work out and get to know the other people. When you’re going for 36 sessions, you get to know the people that you’re working out with. You get to talk about their problems and hear their stories. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one having issues. Everybody’s different as well. You really realize how intricate God made the body and especially the heart.”

After going to cardiac rehab, Sharon’s confidence has been lifted. “I feel more prepared and I’m ready to go exercise on my own. My heart feels so much better. I know the warning signs that my body gives, and so I know if I’m having issues I need see the cardiologist immediately.”

As a final thought on her time at Metro Cardiac Rehab, Sharon says, “I would just encourage anyone who has heart issues, and has the opportunity, to go to Metro Cardiac Rehab. Take advantage of it because the classes alone are well worth your time. You’ll learn so much about your heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, how to eat properly, how to exercise. Plus it gives you confidence to go out there and play with your grandkids, or take an exercise class, do a 5K. You have that confidence because you know where your heart needs to be. It’s great. I would recommend it to anybody.”