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Heart & Vascular

The Heart of Cardiovascular Expertise – Right Here in West Michigan

For every cardiac condition, University of Michigan Health-West has the capabilities and expertise you need. Nationally recognized as an Accredited Chest Pain Center, UM Health-West has earned additional accreditations for vascular diagnostic testing, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, nuclear medicine and more. We are building on that expertise to launch the first new open-heart surgery program Michigan Read More

Managing and Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease continues to be the number one cause of death for both men and women. Join us for a virtual event to learn how you can manage and prevent heart disease with simple lifestyle modifications. Registration is required.

Beltline Health Center

Services Contact Information Family Practice & Sports Medicine: 616.252.1500 Internal Medicine: 616.252.1500 Heart & Vascular: 616.252.5950 Pediatric Cardiology: 616.252.5970 Pediatric Endocrinology: 734.764.5175

Professional Building

Services Contact Information Heart & Vascular: 616.252.5950 Infectious Disease Care: 616.252.6050 Pulmonary Medicine: 616.252.5220 Lab Services: 616.252.7151 Neurosciences: 616.252.5790 Wound Care: 616.252.7494

The Rise of Wearable Health Technology

We now live in an era where our heart rhythm, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and sleep patterns can all be tracked and monitored by something we wear. A simple press of a button or downloading of an app is all that’s necessary to get a real-time picture of our health and well-being. Never before Read More

Ruth, Heart Attack Patient

This was Ruth’s experience when she went into Metro Health Hospital to be treated for what she later learned was a heart attack. “The next thing, I woke up in the intensive care,” remembers Ruth. Even though it was a frightening time in her life, Ruth speaks favorably of her time at Metro Health Hospital. Read More

Halting Holiday Hypertension

We are now well into the hectic holiday season. Our calendars are filled with parties, decorations are hung, shopping is in full swing and your patience may already be wearing thin.