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Heart & Vascular

The Heart of Cardiovascular Expertise – Right Here in West Michigan

For every cardiac condition, University of Michigan Health-West has the capabilities and expertise you need. Nationally recognized as an Accredited Chest Pain Center, UM Health-West has earned additional accreditations for vascular diagnostic testing, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, nuclear medicine and more. We are building on that expertise to launch the first new open-heart surgery program Michigan Read More

Managing and Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease continues to be the number one cause of death for both men and women. Join us for a virtual event to learn how you can manage and prevent heart disease with simple lifestyle modifications. Registration is required.

Beltline Health Center

Services Contact Information Family Practice & Sports Medicine: 616.252.1500 Internal Medicine: 616.252.1500 Heart & Vascular: 616.252.5950 Pediatric Cardiology: 616.252.5970

Professional Building

Services Contact Information Heart & Vascular: 616.252.5950 Infectious Disease Care: 616.252.6050 Pulmonary Medicine: 616.252.5220 Lab Services: 616.252.7151 Neurosciences: 616.252.5790 Wound Care: 616.252.7494

Beating Heart Disease

“The best piece of advice I have to offer regarding reducing your risk for heart disease is to be proactive,” says Dr. Barbara Karenko. “Quit smoking. Exercise. Maintain a healthy weight. Get checkups regularly. And know your family history. Each of these actions—alone and in combination—can minimize risks.”