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UM Health-West to discontinue mask mandate April 14 for most patients, visitors and staff

Effective April 14, 2023, University of Michigan Health-West is discontinuing its mask mandate for most patients, visitors, and staff members. The decision was made after reviewing recent COVID-19 medical data, and much consideration and conversations with leaders at other area health systems. The move comes as the number of COVID-19 infections in West Michigan continues to decrease, and many community members have some level of immunity from immunization or prior infection.

Patients and visitors will not be required to wear masks in UM Health-West facilities except when they are seeking medical care for respiratory symptoms of COVID-19, visiting patients in precautions for COVID-19, or if a household contact has COVID-19. The discontinuation of the mask mandate applies to both inpatient areas and ambulatory centers.

There are several situations in which healthcare team members will be required to continue masking, including interacting with patients who have an immunodeficiency, who have received a transplant, residing in long-term care facilities, have an acute respiratory illness, or who request the healthcare team to wear a mask.

“After more than three years since the pandemic changed our lives in many ways, we want to thank all of our patients, their families, and our staff members for their commitment to keeping each other safe by masking every day. The decision to discontinue the mask mandate is in recognition of the low number of COVID-19 patients and the immunity level of many community members,” said Dr. Ronald Grifka, Chief Medical Officer at UM Health-West.

The UM Health-West leadership team encourages everyone to continue to practice good hygiene habits, including covering coughs and sneezes and handwashing. Additionally, the hospital system continues to monitor COVID-19 cases closely and will take appropriate measures as needed to protect the health and safety of its patients, visitors, and staff members.