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Breastfeeding Class

If you’re curious about breastfeeding or worried about how it will go, this class is a great place to start! This class is taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who has helped with breastfeeding in West Michigan for many years, both in the hospitals and out in the community. She will help you see and experience the beauty of breastfeeding – it’s normal, natural, and healthy! This class will cover the emotional and physical benefits of breastfeeding, mother and baby nutrition, practical “how-tos,” nursing as a working mother, and so much more. This class is for you and your support person – partners are encouraged to attend!

* This class is $25 and is directly billed to your insurance. Your insurance will not be billed until after you have completed this class. You are responsible for any balance not covered by insurance. If you have questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company directly. They may ask for a diagnostic or procedure code: Breastfeeding Class (S9443).


Thursday, January 27


6-9 pm





Registration covers the expectant mother + 1 support person

Register below or by calling 616-252-7226.
Questions about this class? Email [email protected] or call (616) 252-7226.


Bookings are closed for this event.