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Closing Rheumatology Effective October 31st

We are unable to schedule any new appointments for Rheumatology as we have made the difficult decision to close this program, effective Oct. 31.

We realize this raises a lot of questions for you, and we are working to get you answers to help in the transition of your care.

Existing appointments and infusions: We will continue to keep existing appointments through Oct. 31. Additionally, please note that the UM Health-West Infusion Center is not closing. We will continue serving those patients whose treatment plan includes infusions.

We are notifying your primary care provider that you will need a referral to a new Rheumatology provider. This is something you should discuss with your primary care provider.

New referrals: We are not accepting new referrals.

UM Health-West Rheumatology is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of these painful, sometimes debilitating, rheumatic illnesses for adults as well as children.

Our expert rheumatologists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of the pain usually caused by inflammation, swelling and pain in the joints, muscles or bones. We are supported in this work by our affiliation with Michigan Medicine, internationally recognized for its rheumatology expertise.

Treatments & Capabilities

UM Health-West has expertise to treat a wide range of rheumatic conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, tendonitis, back pain and pediatric rheumatic diseases.