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Storing and Canning Food Market Tour

It’s time to stop throwing out your extra fresh product and begin saving it for later! Learn simple and easy to follow storing and canning techniques to keep your produce from going bad. These easy tips will help save you money on your grocery budget and allow you to have always have fresh produce on hand.

Hydration and Your Health Presentation

Staying hydrated is important to your health. Join a Metro Health Registered Dietician to learn which foods and fluids can help you feel your best! Registration is required.

Cooking Creatively Farm Market Tour

Ever get tired of the same old, same old when it comes to fruits and vegetables? When it comes to cooking, its easy to fall back on our standard choices. Join a Metro Health Registered Dietician as we journey through the farm market , talking about creative ways to include produce into our diets. Registration is required.


University of Michigan Health-West offers programs and support around food and nutrition. We have clinical dietitians that work in the hospital to care for our patients’ nutrition needs, and outpatient dietitians that help patients manage diseases through a tailored diet outside the hospital. Our dietitians also provide a multitude of community education workshops, including presentations Read More