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Newborn Care Class

Taking your baby home and the first six weeks are exciting. Let us help you prepare!

This class will help new parents feel more confident, comfortable and prepared for the first six weeks of baby’s life. It’s also ideal for parents who are adopting a newborn. You’ll enjoy the hands-on stations to practice real-life scenarios, as well as great discussion that includes practical tips. Topics include: newborn appearance, senses and brain development, understanding baby’s communication cues, why babies cry and how to comfort them, feeding your baby, diapering, bathing, sleeping, keeping baby healthy and safe, and more! We recommend that you take this class in addition to the Childbirth Class.

*This class is $35 and is directly billed to your insurance. Your insurance will not be billed until after you have completed this class series. You are responsible for any balance not covered by insurance. If you have questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company directly. They may ask for a diagnostic or procedure code: Newborn Care (Parenting) Class (S9444).


Monday, June 3rd 2024







Registration includes expectant mother + 1 support person. Please being a newborn swaddle blanket.

Register below or by calling 616.252.7226.
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